Flush Fit vs. Non-Flush Fit Engagement Rings

Sep 27, 2023

Flush Fit vs. Non-Flush Fit Engagement Rings - Which Is Right for You?

Which is right for you?

An engagement ring is only one-half of a bridal ring set. When choosing the perfect engagement ring, you need to consider the wedding band that will go with it. Engagement rings can be either flush fit or non-flush fit when worn with a wedding band.

The style of the engagement ring and wedding band will affect whether you should choose a flush-fit or non-flush-fit engagement ring. Before purchasing an engagement ring, you need to know what flush fit means, what determines if a ring is flush, and how to decide if a flush-fit engagement ring is right for you.

What is a Flush-Fit Engagement Ring?

A flush-fit engagement ring is a ring that can sit flush, or right against, your wedding band. Flush-fit engagement rings leave no gap between the engagement ring and the wedding band when they’re worn together.

To obtain a flush fit, the center stone of the engagement ring has to be set high, completely on top of the band. This setting will cause the engagement ring to be taller than most non-flush-fit engagement rings.

Engagement Ring sit flush with a wedding band Flush-Fit Engagement Ring

Flush-Fit Engagement Ring

What is a Non-Flush-Fit Engagement Ring?

A non-flush-fit engagement ring is a ring that has a feature that prevents it from sitting flush against your wedding band. These features can be different from one ring to the next. However, common features that create a non-flush engagement ring include lower-sitting center diamonds or finger-line halos that are wider than the band.

Depending on the engagement ring, non-flush-fit rings can cause large or small gaps to occur between the rings in a bridal set. However, if your engagement ring has a lower-set diamond, you’re likely to have a non-flush fit when you combine it with a wedding band.

Engagement Ring sit non flush with a wedding band Non Flush-Fit Engagement Ring

Non Flush-Fit Engagement Ring

Why Does It Matter Which You Choose?

The good news is that choosing a flush-fit or a non-flush-fit engagement ring is based on personal preference. There are benefits to choosing either style, and most choices come down to either style preference or the practicality of a ring.

Some elements should be considered when choosing between a flush- or non-flush-fit engagement ring, including band width, center stone height, size and shape of your center stone, the wedding band style, and your lifestyle. These can help you determine which fit is right for you.

Band Width icon

Band Width

Your preferred bandwidth may be the deciding factor between a flush- or non-flush-fit engagement ring. Thinner engagement ring bands typically can’t have typical prongs on top of the band. Because of this, thin engagement rings with a prong-style setting typically can’t sit flush with a wedding band.

It’s also worth noting that if you prefer a dainty appearance for your rings, a flush-fit engagement ring may not fit your preference. When wearing two rings flush, they have the appearance of being a single band unless seen up close. For example, if you have a 1.5mm thin engagement ring and a 1.5mm thin wedding band, your set will look like a 3mm thin single ring to most people. Choosing a non-flush-fit engagement ring can avoid this by providing a gap between the two bands.

Center Stone Height icon

Center Stone Height

Flush-fit engagement rings will have higher set center stones, causing the diamond to sit higher off your finger than a lower setting. Opting for a lower basket setting will keep your center stone closer to your finger but will cause a gap between your rings.

Style of Center Stone icon

Style of Center Stone

The center stone you choose can affect which style is best for you. Larger diamonds are more likely to sit higher in your engagement ring than smaller stones, which can affect the ability for a flush fit.

The shape of the center stone can affect your ability for a flush fit even more. Diamond cuts like round, square cushion, and princess are deeper-cut diamonds, which typically leads to a taller setting. The height will make it easier to obtain the flush-fit look.

On the other hand, longer stones like emerald-cut or oval-cut are usually shorter. These shapes will need to be set lower and will also stretch further out past the band than deeper-cut diamonds. With these longer stones, you’ll need to choose a wedding band that’s a lower height than your engagement ring to obtain the flush-fit appearance.

Style of Wedding Band icon

Style of Wedding Band

Your preference in wedding bands can also affect your choice of flush or non-flush fit engagement ring. For example, if you pick a large diamond band as your wedding band, you may not want a flush fit. Having a non-flush fit would allow your diamond wedding band to be seen clearly instead of being partially hidden under the center stone in your engagement ring.

Lifestyle icon


It’s important to consider your lifestyle when choosing between a flush-fit or a non-flush-fit engagement ring. While you may like the cohesive look of a flush-fit engagement ring, they aren’t always a practical option. Due to the higher setting of the center stone, these rings sit higher on your finger. This height can leave the ring more prone to snagging in clothing or getting damaged.

If you do a lot of work with your hands, choose a non-flush-fit engagement ring. The non-flush fit will give you a lower height, making you less likely to damage your ring while working.


A flush-fit engagement ring is an excellent choice for a bride who likes a cohesive look between her engagement ring and wedding band. However, other brides prefer the appearance of a non-flush fit engagement ring due to the space between the rings. Others may choose a non-flush fit to showcase the style of their wedding band.

Both flush-fit and non-flush-fit wedding sets have their benefits. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of both styles before deciding which option works best for you.

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