Cushion Cut Diamond Shape Guide

History of the Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut diamond actually dates to some of the earliest diamond cutting experiments, though it fell out of popularity for a while before rising back up in recent years. The facet design of the cushion cut comes from the ancient diamond cut known as the old mine cut from the 1700s. The old mine cut was the most popular diamond shape throughout the 1800s and into the early 1900s until the round cut diamond took the top place.

The cushion cut is very similar to the old mine cut, though there are some modern changes to this cut. The cushion cut has 64 facets, more than the 58 of the old mine cut, which gives it even more sparkle than its inspiration. However, even with the changes, it’s clear that the cushion cut got its design from the earlier cut, only using modern technology to perfect its brilliance.

cushion cut table and depth
  • Ideal Table Percentage: 53% - 63%
  • Ideal Depth Percentage: 60% - 68%
  • Ideal Length to Width Ratio: 1.00 – 1.05 or 1.07 – 1.18
Recommended Settings

The modern and unique style of the cushion cut diamond looks stunning in many settings. However, there are a few setting choices that make it look its absolute best!

For showcasing the unique beauty of the cushion cut diamond is a solitaire setting. If you enjoy simple jewelry, you can’t choose better than a solitaire setting because it is simple, timeless, and elegant. Plus, this style brings all of the attention to the single center diamond, allowing it to really sparkle.

If you’re looking for a setting option that is more intricate than a solitaire, another popular option is pavé settings. These settings have many tiny diamonds essentially paving the band around the center diamond, adding extra sparkle to the ring. There are countless variations of pave settings, ranging from classic styles to more whimsical designs, giving you a bit more creative freedom when choosing one.

Cushion Cut Diamond Benefits

Cushion cut diamonds are unique in style while still giving off a timeless appearance. Plus, there are many other perks of choosing a cushion cut diamond, including:

  • A high level of light reflection (brilliance)
  • Incredibly durable due to the rounded edges
  • Less expensive than round cut diamonds while still having a classic appearance
  • Rising in popularity

Cushion cut diamonds are a perfect option for anyone who loves to mix classic style with a modern flair. If you’re looking for a way for your ring to stand out without being too out-of-the-box, or you love paying homage to ancient diamond styles, the cushion cut diamond is the right choice for you!

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