Are Lab Made Diamonds Real?

Written by Shiran Yachdav
Mar 25, 2022
lab grown diamonds

The most important thing to know about lab-created diamonds is that they are created through the exact same process that makes natural diamonds: by exposing pure carbon to heat and pressure.

The International Gem Society says lab made diamonds are “chemically, physically, and optically” the same as natural diamonds, have the same crystal structure and sparkle, and can be evaluated by the same “Four Cs” – cut, clarity, color, and carats – as natural diamonds.

Unless there’s laser etching to identify its origins, most diamond experts can’t tell the difference between a natural and lab-created diamond by sight. Only a chemical analysis can show it was created in a lab.

These diamonds are called by many names, including “lab-made,” “lab-created,” “lab-grown,” “cultivated,” and even “synthetic.”

An ethical and sustainable choice?

This growth is being driven by consumer demand. About 70% of millennials and Gen Z say they would consider buying lab-created diamonds, largely because they are seen as the more ethical and sustainable choice.

The diamond mining industry has taken some major strides towards reducing human rights’ abuses in the trade over the past 30 years.

In the 1990s, the world learned more about “blood diamonds,” stones illegally mined in war-torn counties and used to fund armed conflict, insurgencies, and even terrorism. In 2003, many producers signed on to the Kimberley Process, a certification program that has cut the flow of blood diamonds by well over 90%.

But millions of diamond mine workers toil in dangerous, sometimes deadly working conditions. Many of these workers are children. At least 1 million miners in Africa are paid less than a dollar a day.

That’s the human cost. What about the environmental cost?

When it comes to the environment, lab created diamonds are far more sustainable. Open-pit diamond mining scars the earth, produces damaging emissions, and often releases toxic waste that contaminates water supplies.

While lab-created diamonds do require a lot of energy, much of that can come from sustainable sources. They produce few emissions and need very little water. They also don’t create toxic runoff or other dangerous compounds.

Is a lab created diamond right for me?

Lab-made diamonds are in every way the same as natural diamonds, except they are less likely to damage the environment or contribute to the exploitation of mine workers, and can cost 30-40% less than traditional diamonds. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and even colors. 

 So when you’re looking for that perfect engagement ring or anniversary necklace or bracelet or earring, be sure to take a look at lab-created diamonds. Just like its natural counterpart, it will last forever.

Benefits of Buying a Lab-Grown Diamond

Environment and Ethics

  • By choosing Lab Grown you take care of our environment

  • There is no conflicts, carbon footprint, no land displacement or Wildlife displacement

  • The groundwater is not polluted

  • Local communities are not displaced or ghost towns created

  • Lab-Grown diamonds result in zero injury or speculation of the unethical treatment and harsh working conditions for the miners

Why choose a Lab-Created Diamonds at Yadav Diamonds?

Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry is one of the few suppliers in the U.S. who provides consumers with the option to purchase lab-created diamonds. We’ve been in the jewelry business for about four decades with a passion to provide the best for our customers. Search for a Lab-Grown diamond using our online tools. Once you find one you like, your Lab-Created diamond can be expertly cut and placed into the high quality setting of your choice. We care for your feelings and the environment and support you with your decision to choose a lab created diamond.

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