Where to Start When Shopping for
an Engagement Ring?

Nov 1, 2022
heart shaped pave Engagement Ring

Your first step to thinking about engagement rings.

Shopping for an engagement ring is a BIG moment and we always want our clients to feel at ease while having fun in the process. You may have already noticed that talking engagement rings can seem like its own language. That’s why the Yadav team works one-on-one with clients during the whole process.

Before you ever meet our experts, you can start with some simple research to get the ring ideas flowing. Regardless of how much you spend or your personal style, it’s a good idea to come prepared with the basics.

We’re uncovering the mystery in ring shopping by sharing the top 5 things that you should think about now (plus 5 things you can leave for later).

Use this as a guide to narrow down your options before your first consultation.

1. Let’s talk budget

Definitely set a range that you and your partner are comfortable spending. Having a general budget will help prepare your jeweler to show you all the options within that range. There is no shortage of options for any budget so boundaries will narrow your search and eliminate sticker shock. And remember, there is no “good” or “bad” budget!

* PRO TIP: Lab grown diamonds are a great option to maximize your budget. Check out our selection here!

Don’t worry about knowing individual diamond prices. There are so many details in what makes up the price of an individual diamond. You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to crack the code! Let your jeweler educate you on the things that really matter to you and your partner. We’re happy to show you the numerous options that fit a budget optimizing for any combination of the 4 Cs.

2. “Hey Google, What are the 4Cs?”

Definitely do a quick search on the 4 Cs. You’ll see mention of these terms (Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat) everywhere in the diamond world. Having a general idea of what each refers to will help the conversation move along.

  • Color: Color will define how white or warm your diamond appears.
  • Clarity: Clarity refers to the degree of internal and external inclusions that a diamond has.
  • Cut: Cut refers to how your diamond is cut and in turn how it can reflect and capture light. This will define how brilliant and sparkly your diamond is.
  • Carat: Carat is a measurement of weight, but not necessarily how big in size a diamond looks.

Don’t worry about going into a deepdive into any of these terms because it can get complex (unless it interests you of course!). Experienced jewelers can educate you on the details that matter to you and your partner. We’re happy to show you examples of each of the 4 Cs and compare different options and tradeoffs.

3. Shapes: Round, Oval, Emerald. OH MY.

Definitely do another easy search of the common shapes - Round, pear, rectangle and square. You’ll learn that there are more specific names for each shape, but start with the basics that catch your eye. Check out the common shapes on our website.

Don’t worry about what looks good on your hand. One shape that you love on a friend or in a photo, might look totally different on you. Keep an open mind and take the opportunity to try on and see all the options.

4. Ring Settings that are unique to you

Definitely start to think about your personal style. Are you going modern or vintage? Did your partner mention a thin or thick band? Do they prefer something simple or lots of sparkly details? Try to have some words that describe your style. Extra credit if you find a few photos that can capture it! Feel free to browse our Instagram for inspiration from real clients.

Don’t worry about walking in with ring specifications for every design element. We can help you dig into the details and show you examples of what you’ve been thinking. Visit our SF showroom to see setting options.

5. Think ahead to your wedding band

Definitely have a general idea of your wedding band preferences. A key thing to consider- do you want a band that sits flush to your engagement ring (stacked right up next to it)? This will help your jeweler recommend the best setting for your engagement ring. We recommend taking a quick look at our band options.

Don’t worry about committing to a set of rings right away. We have experience working with engagement rings of all shapes and sizes and have matched beautiful wedding bands, both flushed and not flushed. Finalizing this will come a few months before your wedding date and is something fun a couple can do together.

diamond engagement rings with wedding bands on fingers

If you are feeling intimidated by the language and all the details, we have you covered!

The team at Yadav is available for free consultations, both in store and virtually. As a family owned business, they care that you have an experience that is fun, educational, and completely transparent.

Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to have all your questions answered!

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