Lab Created Diamonds






Lab diamonds diamonds are grown using technology that mimics the pressure and heat of the natural process that creates diamonds beneath the Earth’s crust. These diamonds are also called man-made diamonds, engineered diamonds, or synthetic diamonds. Whatever you call them, lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from naturally-created diamonds since they have the exact same chemical and physical properties.

Normally, diamonds take millions of years to be formed naturally by intense heat and pressure beneath the Earth’s crust. Technological innovation in the lab has sped up this process exponentially by taking a small diamond seed and nurturing it with carbon atoms under incredibly high pressure and temperatures. Through this laboratory process, the seed grows to the size of a natural diamond, up to 5 carats in weight. The lab diamond is identical to one found in nature.

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Lab-created diamonds are ethically grown in a controlled environment removed far from the frequent social conflict involved with mining precious metals. Lab diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free, and are between 30% to 40% less expensive than traditional diamonds, on average. Since lab-created diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, you’re getting a lot more diamond for your money when you choose a lab-grown diamond.

With the exact optical, physical, and chemical properties, lab-created diamonds have the same hardness, strength, quality, brilliance, and sparkle as diamonds mined from the earth. Lab-grown diamonds contain 100% actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure and will last forever— just like a natural diamond. It is impossible to tell the difference between natural and lab diamonds without access to high-tech, specialized tools.

Yadav is one of the few suppliers in the U.S. who provides consumers with the option to purchase lab-created diamonds. Search for a lab-grown diamond using our online tools. Once you find one you like, your lab-created diamond can be expertly cut and placed into the high quality setting of your choice. No one will know that you saved up to 40% of the cost of a mined diamond unless you choose to tell them!