What Is a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

Aug 26, 2022
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When it comes to diamond jewelry, a lot of pieces look similar due to the use of traditional diamonds. If you’re looking for a unique style of diamond, consider a salt and pepper diamond. This article will help you understand what these diamonds are and whether choosing a salt and pepper diamond is the right option for you.

Description of a Salt and Pepper Diamond

Most diamond lovers consider a perfect diamond to be one with zero inclusions. On the other hand, salt and pepper diamonds embrace their inclusions and make a style out of them. Salt and pepper diamonds have large amounts of black and white inclusions in them, often causing them to look as if they have salt and pepper inside.

The inclusions that have been left in these diamonds make them have a unique color from a typical diamond. Some salt and pepper diamonds are heavily white while others are almost completely black. However, the vast majority of salt and pepper diamonds are a mix of both colors.

Salt and pepper diamonds are priced based on the translucency of the stone. The translucency focuses on the ability to see entirely through the diamond. The more translucent the diamond is, the more it will cost, while opaque stones will cost less.

Comparing Salt and Pepper Diamonds to Typical Diamond Styles

Salt and pepper diamonds are much different than the typical clear, flawless diamond that many people desire. However, that makes them desirable in their own right.


The most noticeable difference between salt and pepper diamonds and other types is their look. You’ll find these diamonds are milky white, silver, grey, or black and have various speckles throughout the stone.

The most unique salt and pepper diamond appearance is the galaxy diamond. This occurs when the diamond is mostly black and has white inclusions throughout, creating the appearance of a galaxy.


The most common cut style for salt and pepper diamonds is the rose cut. A rose cut has a flat back, low profile, and faceting on the top. This diamond cut choice is designed to show off the brilliance of a diamond. The rough style of this cut can help show off the uniqueness of each diamond, which is what many people enjoy doing with their salt and pepper diamonds.

Pros and Cons of a Salt and Pepper Diamond

Are you still deciding whether a salt and pepper diamond is for you? If so, it may help to consider the pros and cons that this diamond style offers you.


♦ Eco-Friendly: One of the biggest selling points of salt and pepper diamonds is that they are an eco-friendly diamond option. It’s no secret that diamond mining has been connected to environmental conflict and concern for some time. When miners are looking for the perfect white diamond, they’ll often have to sift through 200 to 250 tons of diamond ore to find just one. On the other hand, salt and pepper diamonds are more easily found, causing less damage through mining.

♦ Versatile: Another perk is how versatile salt and pepper diamonds are. Since they come in practically every shade between a bright white and a deep black, they make a wonderful neutral diamond choice that will make a statement.

♦ High Hardness: Since salt and pepper diamonds are still true diamonds they’re a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means they’re incredibly hard and basically impossible to scratch. This is a huge benefit of all diamonds, including salt and pepper ones, because it makes them great for daily wear.

♦ Affordable: Of course, salt and pepper diamonds are also more affordable than other diamond styles. This is due to the inclusions that are in the stones, causing their speckled appearance. However, they’re still diamonds so the cut in price is a huge perk for getting all that diamonds are known to be!


♦ Durable: It is important to note that salt and pepper diamonds aren’t as durable as a true diamond. The minerals that create the inclusions can potentially weaken the stone when comparing it to a stone with no inclusions. However, they’re still diamonds meaning they’ll still be pretty durable!

♦ Protective Settings: Another potential con to choosing a salt and pepper diamond is that they need a more protective setting due to the loss of durability. It’s best to set a salt and pepper diamond in settings like the halo or bezel setting. However, both of these are popular options right now, so this may not be a huge con for you.

♦ Uniqle Appearance: Of course, some people simply don’t like the look of a salt and pepper diamond which is okay. If this is true for you, then this can be considered a con when choosing which diamond style to choose.

How to Wear Your Salt and Pepper Diamond?

If you’ve decided to choose a salt and pepper diamond for your next jewelry piece, the next choice you need to make is how to wear the stone. Due to the rising popularity of more unique engagement rings, you may opt to make your center stone a salt and pepper diamond. This is definitely a great choice that is sure to catch attention.

Another popular option is choosing a salt and pepper diamond for the center stone of more casual fashion jewelry. These diamonds make unique options for fashion rings, earrings, or necklaces depending on the style you’re looking for.

The great thing about the salt and pepper diamond is that you’ll find they’re all unique and have their own coloring and pattern so you’re sure to find a stone to meet your jewelry vision.


Salt and pepper diamonds are unique and embrace the inclusions that many other diamonds avoid. When choosing a salt and pepper diamond, remember that clarity is more able translucency than transparency.

While salt and pepper diamonds aren’t as durable as white diamonds, they still make a strong and beautiful choice for any jewelry piece you’re designing. If you’re wanting a show-stopping stone that is one of a kind, a salt and pepper diamond is the one for you.

Looking for a salt and pepper diamond? Our gemologists would be happy to help you to find one.

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