The Importance of Matching
Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Aug 07, 2023

The Importance of Matching Your Engagement Ring and
            Wedding Band

As you begin shopping for rings, you’ll quickly learn how many styles and designs are out there. It may be difficult to choose between them, especially if you don’t have a “dream ring” in mind already. You can go for traditional, elegant, lavish, and everything in between. Your style and preferences lead the way, and everyone should end up with rings they love, but there are still a few important things to keep in mind as you choose.

Your engagement ring and wedding band are two of the most important pieces of jewelry you’ll own, and they’re likely some of the most valuable items in your life (in sentimental terms or monetary ones). They should match as well as you and the partner you love! There are no rules set in stone for choosing rings, however, and there are a few different ways to go about it.

The Benefits of Matching Rings

Are there reasons besides “tradition” to match your engagement ring and wedding band? Yes! Even if you’re not interested in following the standard protocol, there are still reasons to opt for rings that match or are similar in fundamental ways.

  • It’s Romantic – While this is part of the tradition, it’s also a reason on its own! Wearing matching rings together on one finger is a symbolic way to show that you and your partner fit together. The rings look meant to be, just like the two of you. A great deal of thought goes into choosing each ring, and each is a symbol on its own, so cohesively joining them helps weave your story together! 
  • It’s Practical – If romance and tradition aren’t your cup of tea, getting matching rings is also a practical choice. Mixing metals may mean each ring has a different set of care requirements or handles wear differently. The same is true if you choose remarkably different stones. However, picking rings that match means you’ll know what to expect for both of them. If you have two white gold rings, for instance, you’ll be able to restore the rhodium plating at the same time. Two yellow gold rings will be treated with the same sort of care to avoid scratching and dents. It helps you plan ahead. 
  • It’s Comfortable – Matching bands may provide a more comfortable wearing experience, especially if you go with a pre-matched set (like the stacking rings mentioned in a later section). Even if you eliminate shape and fit entirely, matching rings are better for sensitive skin. You won’t need to worry about a reaction or experiencing some kind of change in response to one of the rings at a time. In other words, it may be more comfortable because it’s more predictable.

How to Choose a Matching Set?

This part may seem simple, but there are multiple ways to get a matching set. You’re not backed into a corner with it, and there’s still plenty of freedom to be creative! Opting for matching rings doesn’t mean they need to be boring or even expected.

Matching Metals



Matching metals is the most common way to go about this. It’s simple enough to do. Once you go through the process of selecting the metal for your engagement ring, choose a band of the same type. Whether you’re picking metal for color, durability, or affordability, get one you want to see twice. The most popular options are:

Engagement ring with matching bands-Matching Stones

Matching Stones



If you have your heart set on mixed metal rings, you can still match your stones to create a purposeful look. This could mean choosing the same stone for each, such as picking diamonds for both bands, opting for the same shape, or both.

For example, if you have a round-cut brilliant diamond in your engagement ring, have diamonds set into your wedding band, too. If you have an engagement ring with a diamond center stone and sapphire accents, using sapphires in your wedding band could tie the two together. There’s plenty of room to be creative with this.

Complementary Bands



Your engagement ring and wedding band may not fit flush together, but that’s okay! They don’t need to fit perfectly against one another to match or feel like they belong together. The important thing is that they feel comfortable on your finger. If you don’t like the feeling of bulky rings, go for something simple and sleek for both of them. If you prefer more glitz and glamor, go for pave bands on both or another style that has stones.

Many people put a lot of thought into designing their engagement ring, and you may want it to be the star of the show even after the wedding. In that case, you could choose a plainer wedding band and leave your engagement ring as the main visual event. The important thing is to choose bands that feel or look right together to you.

Engagement ring with matching bands-Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings



If you’re all in on the idea of matching engagement rings and wedding bands and you want rings that look like they were designed for each other, a stacking set may be the perfect idea. They fit perfectly together to create one cohesive, beautiful look. Both are attractive on their own, but together they’re an eye-catching unit.

Better yet, they’re comfortable to wear. You won’t get the same kind of gap or dissonance that sometimes happens when you choose two completely different rings. A well-made stacking set can feel like a single ring on your finger!

Final Thoughts

There’s no absolute rule saying that you must match your engagement ring to your wedding band, but there are plenty of reasons to choose that route. It makes both rings easier to care for and more comfortable to wear, and it’s a great way to get a stunning, intentional look. Matching your rings leaves room for plenty of creativity and your aesthetic, too. When it’s all said and done, the best rings are the ones you’re excited to wear!

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