Princess Cut Diamond Shape Guide

History of the Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut diamond came around as an evolution of the French Cut. Some diamond historians believe the princess cut came around in the 1960s, but almost everyone agrees that they were growing in well-known popularity by the 1980s.


The square shape of the princess cut isn’t new to the diamond world, but the facets and different details are what set it apart from other square diamond cuts. As knowledge of diamond cutting grew, the technology used for cutting was advancing. This allowed for existing diamond cuts to become more intricate, which is how diamond cutters went from the French Cut to the princess cut. The princess cut has a better ratio and layout of the facets, making it a more eye-catching diamond cut than its predecessor.

princess cut table and depth
  • Ideal Table Percentage: 65% - 76%
  • Ideal Depth Percentage:65% - 75%
  • Ideal Length to Width Ratio:1.00 - 1.05
Recommended Settings

Princess cut diamonds have a beautiful and timeless square shape that begs to be set into a setting that will showcase its properties. Fortunately, there are a few settings that will do just that!

A solitaire setting allows your princess cut diamond to be the center of attention because of the simple design of the band. A solitaire setting has no accents to the band, instead opting for a simple silver, gold, or rose gold band. Due to the lowkey design, solitaire settings tend to be less expensive than other options, allowing you to spend more on the diamond itself.

Channel settings are similar to solitaire settings in that they have a pronged center stone, bringing attention to your princess cut diamond. However, a channel setting has some added accent diamonds, which will give you more sparkle from every angle of view.

A popular option right now for ring settings is a halo setting. This style creates a “halo” of smaller diamonds around your larger center stone. This can add plenty of sparkle to your ring setting while also causing an illusion of your center stone being larger than it is. When you pair a halo setting with a princess cut diamond, you have an incredibly on-trend ring that is sure to turn heads!

Princess Cut Diamond Benefits

Not only are princess cut diamonds popular, but they also have many benefits that come along with them. If you’re considering purchasing one of these edgy, modern diamond cuts, keep these perks in mind!


  • Princess cut diamonds are more affordable than round or oval cut diamonds of the same size and quality.
  • These diamonds have strong brilliance, which is the amount of white light that shines off of your diamond, and strong fire, the rainbow light emitted.
  • The princess cut does well at hiding any inclusions in the diamond you choose. This means you can often choose a lower clarity diamond if you’re looking at this cut style.
  • The square shape of the princess cut allows your diamond to look larger than other diamond cuts of the same size.

The princess cut diamond is very popular right now and has been for close to 50 years. The versatility, modern edge, and stunning brilliance make this cut a great choice for anyone who wants the eye-catching sparkle of a round diamond with more unique features along with a smaller price tag!

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