The princess cut is the most popular cut after the round diamond. Its square shape is admired by many. Despite its beautiful shape, the princess cut diamond is not the most brilliant diamond; therefore, it’s important to choose a princess cut diamond with ideal proportions. The four corners tend to leak out light which makes lower color grades more visible; this too is important to keep in mind when choose a princess cut diamond.


Shape Princess


Princess Cut diamonds tend to look very good in vintage settings and settings with princess accents.


The way a princess diamond is cut makes it one of the more brilliant square cut diamonds.

The princess cut diamond, first created in 1980 by Itzkowitz and Betzalel Ambar is the most popular fancy cut, especially for engagement rings. Like round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds are a VERY good choice for their flexibility in working in almost any style of ring.

Princess cut diamonds tend to have a slightly lower price-per-carat than round cut diamonds. This is because the four sided pyramid shape of the princess cut diamond is similar to one half of the octahedron rough stone from which a princess diamond is cut. This similarity allows two equally sized princess cut diamonds to be cut from the same rough stone with relatively little waste (roughly 65% of the weight of the original rough stone is retained after cutting).

Carat for carat, the crown surface area of a princess cut is about 8% less than a same-weight round diamond. However, the corner to corner measure of a princess cut is typically 18 % greater than the diameter of a same-weight round diamond, creating the illusion of greater size.

The princess is traditionally a square cut (four sides of equal length). All other things being equal, the more rectangular a princess cut diamond, the lower the price. Many buyers actually prefer a slightly rectangular princess cut; it's all about finding what is most pleasing to you. Any length to width ratio of 1.05 or less will appear square to the naked eye. If the princess will be set with side diamonds, a length to width of 1.05 - 1.08 may still look square, as the side diamonds will create the illusion of greater width in the center stone. Every YADAV Diamond includes precise measurements which include length to width ratio so you know the exact shape of the princess cut diamond you are considering.

A princess cut diamond should always be set with prongs that protect the four corners, which are the most likely location for chipping. Because these corners were once near the outer edge of the rough stone, flaws such as naturals, extra facets, and other inclusions may be located here. Since the corners are covered by the prongs, these flaws will be invisible once the diamond is set. The only remaining concern would be if the flaws are significant enough to affect the stability of the diamond . Most other square cuts (such as emerald, asscher, and radiant) have cropped corners.

Of all of the square cuts, the brilliant-cut princess (along with the radiant cut) comes the closet to achieving the fire and brilliance of a round diamond, making it an ideal combination of unique shape, sparkling appearance, and relative price value.


Due to its sharp corners and square body, the princess cut tends to show yellow shades more easily than its closest competitor, the round diamond. It is recommended to not go lower than an ‘I’ color on princess diamond if you are looking for a diamond that faces up white.

Shape Princess




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