Pear Shape Diamonds

The pear shaped diamond is considered an exquisite diamond for use in elegant jewelry and designer engagement rings. The beauty of the pear shaped diamond is that it can be set in an accented or solitaire ring and still maintain its natural beauty. Unlike the rest of the shapes, the pear combines a delicately rounded side of the round diamond as well as a fine point for the princess cut diamond. The pear shaped diamond is a favorite amongst those who admire its natural beauty and want to show off their sense of uniqueness.

Pear Shape Diamonds

Shape Pear


Pear Shape Diamonds tend to look best with small round accents and other non-oval diamonds, usually pave set. Because of its elegant shape, you don’t want to set the oval with larger diamonds that will take away from its natural beauty.


The structure of a pear shape diamond is comprised of different aspects from other diamond shapes. This give the pear shaped diamond a truly unique and unforgettable appearance. Pear shaped diamonds are known to look outstanding in high end jewelry pieces such as drop pendants and earrings.


It may be difficult to find a perfect engagement ring for a pear shape. Due to its usual shape, not many rings are crafted for pear shaped diamonds.

Shape Pear




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