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Yadav diamonds have established trust and served customers worldwide with quality diamonds. Yadav has been a family run business since the beginning. Enjoy enduring, ethical beauty from our family to yours. We take pride in the quality of the jewelry we provide and are proud to place our family name upon it. As jewelers and diamond wholesalers since 1983, you can trust Yadav to bring you exceptional quality, prompt service, and excellent prices. We carry a large selection of conflict-free natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. Yadav Jewelry provides beautiful moments capturing engagement rings, and excellent quality natural diamonds and GIA, IGI certified diamonds. We have grown to a well established and trusted brand from simple diamond dealers. Yadav is one of the few suppliers in the U.S. who provides consumers with the option to purchase lab-created diamonds. With the increasing demand for lab-grown diamonds, our environment, and budget-conscious customers are increasingly looking for unique and quality lab-grown diamonds. We provide our customers with the opportunity to choose a high quality, affordable, ethical diamond that is kind to the environment. We make all our jewelry in the United States. Visit our main store in San Francisco or our offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, India. Our customers are all around the world, and we ship worldwide.

Meet the Yadav Family

Yair Yachdav

In 1983 Yair immigrated to the United States. With about a decade of experience in diamond sales and cutting, he started his own company from a humble and straightforward beginning by supplying diamonds. With vision and grit, he has grown from being a diamond dealer to one of the most trusted diamond engagement ring providers. When you visit the store, you can notice Yair smiling and welcoming everyone. His approach and personality instantly invoke trust and dependability. Being a family man at heart, Yair loves to visit wineries with his family.

Maytal Yachdav

Maytal is the future of the Yadav Diamonds. Her smiling face and strong personality often lend themselves to a memorable shopping experience. Her strong bond with her family and its legacy made her decide to join Yadav Diamonds at a very young age. A happy person at heart, she loves spending time with her family. Satisfied smiling customers keep her motivated to take this business to the next level.

Unlimited Lifetime Upgrades

Upgrade your diamond(s) and only pay the difference. No extra fees.

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Low Price Guarantee

We carry a large company's inventory but maintain the friendly customer service of a small company to ensure that you have an outstanding experience with Yadav.

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