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Yadav diamonds had established trust and served customers worldwide with quality diamonds. Yadav has been a family-run business since the beginning of its establishment. Enjoy enduring, ethical beauty from our family to yours. We take pride in providing quality jewelry and are proud to place our family name upon it. Being jewelers and diamond wholesalers since 1983, you can trust Yadav will bring you exceptional quality, prompt service, and excellent prices. Our company carries a large selection of conflict-free natural and lab-grown diamonds. Yadav Jewelry helps create beautiful moments by designing the engagement ring of your dreams, as well as providing excellent GIA and IGI certified natural diamonds. We have grown into a well-established and trusted brand from simple diamond dealers. Yadav is one of the few suppliers in the U.S. that provides consumers with the option to purchase lab-created diamonds. With the increasing demand for lab-grown diamonds, our environment, and budget-conscious customers there has been a high demand for unique and quality lab-grown diamonds. We accommodate our customers with the opportunity to choose a high-quality, affordable, ethical diamond that is environmentally friendly. All our jewelry is produced in the United States. Visit our main store in San Francisco or our offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, India. We also ship both domestically and worldwide!

Unlimited Lifetime Upgrades

Upgrade your diamond(s) and just pay the difference. No extra fees.

Low Price Guarantee

We carry a large inventory but maintain the friendly customer service of a small company to ensure that you have an outstanding experience with Yadav.



Hi, we’re the Yadav Jewelry family.

We’re diamond experts and fine metal craftspeople who care about every single customer. We want to make the shopping experience feel luxurious and personal as much as possible. We focus on giving our customers the best experience and quality for the best prices.

Yair Yachdav,

also known as Jim, started off as a one-man diamond dealer after immigrating to the U.S. He’s formed close relationships with diamond suppliers and manufacturers both domestically and internationally over the past three decades. Having over 40 years of experience in the diamond industry, you can trust that he knows everything there is to know about diamonds. Yair makes sure that his customers are being provided the best services along with guaranteeing that they are being presented with the highest quality of diamonds.

Yair Yachdav
Maytal Yachdav

Maytal Yachdav,

graduated with a business degree and joined the team in 2018. Maytal is committed to building long lasting relationships with customers, as well as making the brand seem more approachable. She is always connecting with customers either by answering messages on Instagram or running virtual and in-person appointments. You’re likely to talk to her at some point during your order process.

After earning a degree in computer science,

Edan Yachdav,

recently joined the team in 2020. Edan is most interested in making the user's experience more seamless on the Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry website, as well as informing customers about the products and diamonds that the showroom offers.

Edan Yachdav


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