How to buy ethically sourced diamonds?
June 06, 2022
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At Yadav we are determined to offer our customers the highest standards in diamonds and diamond jewelry. We believe that in order to achieve that goal we must not only oversee the quality of our diamonds and precious metals, but also carefully track their sources and methods of mining.

In order to address our customers concerns about acts and methods used in the past to supply the global market with diamonds, we took the initiative to carefully scope out and choose out suppliers according to rough origin.

As a base, we work with suppliers that specifically honor the Kimberly process that was established in December 2000. The Kimberly process was created in order to prevent diamond trading that fund violence and environmental destruction in Africa with the help of the United Nations, as well as government and non-governmental organizations from around the world. In order to ensure that we are working, honest and ethical diamond suppliers, we run internal audits, as well as background checks.

The diamonds that we offer our clients are mined throughout the world from large mines, including Russia, Canada, and parts of Africa, all of which use profits from mining diamonds to help support the people of their country. In addition, these countries have strict environmental policies that ensure mining does not destroy or alter landmarks as well as ecosystems.

Zimbabwe Diamond Conflicts
Zimbabwe Diamond Conflicts

Yadav does not associate itself with dealers or suppliers that source diamonds from Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond district due to reports of human abuse. Our strict policies and guidelines ensure that we don’t directly or indirectly purchase and/or market diamonds from that region of the world.

Yadav has set standards with our suppliers and do not plan on expanding to new sources. We believe that the network of suppliers that we acquired over the years is most beneficial for us and our customers. We plan to stay loyal to those suppliers for they have provided us with high quality, conflict free, and ethically sources diamonds.

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