How to Buy Wholesale Loose Diamonds

You may wonder why any one would purchase wholesale loose diamonds as opposed to a ring or a necklace. Well, for one thing, many people like to design their own unique piece of jewelry, whether it is a diamond engagement ring or a necklace with multiple diamonds. Whether you are buying loose diamonds or an already crafted piece of wholesale diamond jewelry, it is just as important that you know you are getting the highest quality diamond for your money.

Fortunately, all wholesale loose diamonds from Yadav come with a money back guarantee, certification papers, and a laser inscription. This means that any diamond you buy from Yadav has been thoroughly inspected by either GIA, EGL, or AGS laboratories and given a grade. You will know before making a purchase if your diamond has any flaws, what the color and clarity is, and what the suggested retail value is for that particular cut and carat diamond.

Stunning Wholesale Loose Diamonds for Your Creative Streak

It can be quite fun to flaunt your artistic side by purchasing loose diamonds and then having them created into a stunning piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift for someone you love. It is becoming quite a trend for men to purchase round cut diamonds, or other popular shaped solitaires, and then have a jeweler design and create an engagement ring to their specifications. Just think how much your girlfriend will appreciate and value a ring that you designed especially for her.

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