Are Lab Grown Diamonds Worth it?

Nov 17, 2022
lab grown oval diamond engagement rings

Why you should consider getting a lab grown diamond?

As lab grown diamonds become more popular, the big question that keeps coming up is ARE LAB GROWN DIAMONDS WORTH IT?

The last few years have proven that lab grown diamonds are here to stay. And if you have been scouring the internet to decide if it’s a good option for you, you know that there are a lot of opinions and information on the subject.

We believe that it’s important to be educated about both natural and lab grown diamonds and choose the one that works for you. The most important thing is to choose the option that excites you and your partner!

After working with many customers on their selection, we know lab grown diamonds have a ton of pros! If you’re still on the fence between purchasing a natural or a lab grown diamond, here are a few points we always share with clients!

lab grown diamond pave engagement rings

The first thing that should be mentioned is that lab grown diamonds are REAL DIAMONDS. It’s easy to assume that lab grown diamonds are “fake,” but that is far from the truth! The only real difference from a natural diamond is their origin. A lab grown diamond is chemically and physically a diamond. They carry the same properties and are evaluated in the same way. That is why a natural and lab grown diamond with the same specifications will look exactly the same.

There are also many other reasons to seriously consider a lab grown diamond! Couples are gravitating more and more to this option based on the reasonable price alone. Here are a few other things to think about when it comes to buying a lab grown diamond:

  • If you and your partner are considering a fancy shape (or non- round diamond shape), going for a lab grown diamond will allow you to see many high quality options. For these shapes, like ovals, cushions, or radiant cuts, the lab grown options are more consistently cut and can be close to “perfect” at a reasonable cost.
  • For any shape, there are tons of options in any budget when you are open to a lab grown diamond. If you are looking at a specific clarity, color, or carat size, the natural diamond selection is much more limited in availability. Choosing from the lab grown selection will allow you to find what you are looking for with less compromise and often much faster.
    ** For example, ovals are an extremely popular shape and in the 2 - 2.5 carat range, can be hard to find if you have particular specifications. The selection of lab grown options are more readily available in that carat range.
  • It’s worth mentioning again that lab grown diamonds are typically more affordable than natural diamonds. This is mainly due to their shorter supply chain and abundance. The less expensive price tag means that couples are able to purchase a higher quality diamond, think about more intricate designs for wedding bands, or use their funds for something else that is important to them. This is what makes lab grown diamonds such an empowering option!
Final Thoughts

At Yadav, we love giving our clients the options that make them feel confident and excited when it comes to their diamond purchases. Whether you are leaning toward a lab grown or natural diamond for your engagement ring, we can help you find the perfect stone that suits you and your partner.

Reach out to the Yadav team or visit our San Francisco showroom and we can help you decide between all of our lab grown and natural diamond options. We are happy to show you examples during an in-person or virtual appointment! Click the button below and learn more about the lab diamond selection at Yadav!

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