Why Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Cheaper Than Natural Diamonds?

April 15, 2022
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Diamonds are gemstones that many buy to accentuate their looks. It’s a top choice of jewelry because of its rarity. Diamonds are beautiful to look at and wear, they depict class and exquisite taste, but the price attached to owning natural diamonds is enough to scare many away.

The diamond market continues to be faced with the debate about the differences between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds. Many seem confused because of the significant price differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds. This debate, however, misleads many into thinking that lab-grown diamonds are fake.

Man-made diamonds, as they are often referred to, have come with lots of benefits to the owner, and also the environment. They have the same chemical and physical properties as the mined diamonds, so the human eye is unable to tell the difference.

In this article, we will discuss why lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds and the benefits of buying a lab-grown diamond.

Why Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Cheaper Than Natural Diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds, with the origin being the major difference between them and the natural ones. Lab-grown diamonds are created in the laboratory by duplicating the processes that take place with mined diamonds. This production distinction has influenced the price differences between both types of diamonds with lab-grown diamonds being the cheaper of the two.

When compared to how natural diamonds are mined, cut, and packaged for sale, here are a few reasons why lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than naturally-mined diamonds:

  1. Lab-grown diamonds take less time to be formed in the laboratory, compared to natural diamonds, which can take up to several million years before they can be mined.
  2. Lab-grown diamonds pass through fewer hands during their creation process, while natural diamonds need lots of hands to be properly mined.
  3. Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper because the materials needed for their creation are readily accessible and usually require little equipment for them to be manufactured.
  4. Lab-grown diamonds have a faster rate of production, which means they can take months and not millions of years to be crafted.
  5. The materials used in the manufacturing of the lab-created diamonds are environmentally sustainable and they make use of very little energy in the manufacturing process.

Lab-Grown vs. Natural Diamonds: Any Differences?

The differences between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds can not be seen with the naked eye. This is because they are made with the same physical and chemical compositions as mined diamonds, except they are produced in different origins or circumstances.

However, when viewed with special instruments, the lab-grown diamonds have significant differences that set them apart from natural diamonds. We highlight some of these distinctions below:

  1. Composition

    When it comes to the composition of the two types of diamonds, we can say that lab-grown diamonds are purer than natural diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds also have no nitrogen constituents in their total composition, while the natural diamonds have tiny amounts of nitrogen present in them. These are some of the constituents that make natural diamonds impure.

  2. Origin

    Natural diamonds are created underneath the earth over millions of years before they can be mined and processed into different sizes for jewelry. Lab-grown diamonds are created in the laboratory under specific conditions of pressure and heat, mimicking the compositions of the mined diamonds.

  3. Price

    Lab-created diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds, which are usually rare and take a very long period to be mined. The lab-created diamonds can be created within a few months, and the materials used are easily accessible, making them more available in the market, hence their affordability.

The Benefits of Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds

The intrusion of lab-grown diamonds into the jewelry market comes with lots of benefits, especially diminishing the problem associated with the rarity of natural diamonds which makes them expensive to buy

If you’re wondering if there are any benefits to buying a lab-grown diamond, we’ve listed some of them below:

  1. High quality

    Diamonds are precious gemstones that come with their unique features and qualities. Lab-grown diamonds are precious stones that have the same high quality and rating as naturally obtained gemstones. Lab-grown diamonds are very pure and contain no impurities like naturally-mined diamonds.

  2. Environmental sustainability

    Lab-created diamonds are environmentally sustainable because they are created in a laboratory. They do not emit harmful energy, consume a lot of energy, or disrupt the earth like natural diamonds do.

  3. Affordability

    Lab-created diamonds are a lot more affordable and they eliminate the problem of diamond rarity and unavailability for purchase. While making use of the latest cutting-edge technology, the lab-created diamonds make readily available diamonds for anyone to buy as they are less expensive than the natural ones.

  4. Available variety

    Lab-grown diamonds have been able to cut through the gemstone market to give access to jewelry lovers to purchase even the rarest types of natural diamonds. They are available in different colors and sizes just as you would have them for the mined diamonds

  5. Accessibility

    Lab-created gemstones have made diamonds easily accessible to anyone who wants to have a piece of jewelry. You no longer have to wait in line for a diamond to be mined and cut, you can enter any jewelry store and get just the right sets of diamonds you want.

Final Thoughts

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds that have the same physical and chemical appearance as mined diamonds. These gemstones also offer high value and quality, giving you the best at a cheap price. If you want to buy a diamond but are concerned about the cost, purchasing a lab-grown diamond makes it very easy for you to get the jewelry you need without going over your budget plan.

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