Stacking 101

Written by Shiran Yachdav
Jan 4, 2021

How to accessorize your engagement ring?

We are all about the smaller details. A lot of times we get questions asking how to accessorize your engagement ring? Below we are breaking down our top tips:

1. On the very top of our list, always make sure to accessorize according to the size of the diamond and setting. You want to keep the wedding band in proportion to the engagement ring. Playing with different styles and metals will give it the statement it needs so don’t feel like you have to go overboard in stone size to make it a winning set.

2. You might really love this different approach- the Curved band that perfectly fits itself to your ring. Sometimes the curve gives it an illusion that the band is part of the engagement ring (see photo below for reference). This is a super classic way to style and accessorize.

Ring Set

3. One of our favorites - Mixing metals. Recently it’s become a popular choice among our clients to bring in a bit of contrast between the wedding band and the engagement ring. Mixing metals has been a trend for a while among some of the most well known fashion icons. What we love about this is that it is unexpected and will definitely make you stand out.

Ring Set

4. Stacking- Don’t be afraid to stack! If you really want to have fun with your engagement ring, add a few rings to really create a statement. Keep it simple so you don’t take too much of the attention away from the ring. Even here you can implement mixing metals, just as we did in the photo below. Having a few options to play around with is super fun for us and might be a great idea for someone who likes to change things up a bit sometimes- There is no right or wrong with accessorizing your engagement ring, just have fun with it.

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