Sidestone Engagement Ring Guide

Aug 30, 2023

When it comes to romantic symbolism, the engagement ring stands as an embodiment of eternal commitment, capturing the promise of a shared journey. Amid the multitude of choices that grace this tradition, sidestone engagement rings emerge as timeless contenders, gracing the center stone with an exquisite collection of smaller gems.

With their captivating elegance and ability to amplify the central diamond's brilliance, sidestone rings not only elevate aesthetics but also tell a deeper story of partnership and harmony. In this article, we delve into the world of sidestone engagement rings, unveiling the artistry, significance, and sentiments that these intricate symbols of love bring to the forefront of this cherished ritual.

What Is a Sidestone Engagement Ring?

Sidestone engagement rings, celebrated for their captivating elegance, are exquisite expressions of love that infuse the timeless tradition of engagement with a touch of opulence. These rings feature a central diamond or gemstone, embraced on either side by smaller, shimmering stones known as sidestones.

The arrangement creates a harmonious interplay of brilliance and radiance, accentuating the allure of the central gem while adding an extra layer of sophistication.

pear side stone engagement ring with oval center stone
engagement ring symbolism


Sidestone engagement rings come in a variety of designs, with sidestones often set in pavé or channel settings, meticulously crafted to enhance the overall visual appeal. These sidestones can be diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or other precious gems, chosen to complement the center stone and reflect the wearer's style.

Beyond their aesthetic charm, sidestone engagement rings hold deeper symbolism. The sidestones symbolize the support, companionship, and shared journey that a couple embarks upon in marriage. Just as the smaller gems enhance the brilliance of the central stone, the partnership between two individuals enriches and elevates their lives together.

bagutte side stone engagement ring with marquise center stone
3-stone ring


Whether embraced by a classic three-stone design or featured in more intricate configurations, sidestone engagement rings offer a luxurious and meaningful way to celebrate a commitment that sparkles as brightly as the gems themselves.

Each facet and shimmering stone serves as a reminder of the intricate facets of love and the radiant journey that lies ahead for the couple embracing this enchanting symbol of devotion.

Why Choose a Sidestone Engagement Ring?

Selecting an engagement ring is a deeply personal and significant choice, and opting for a sidestone engagement ring adds an extra layer of significance and allure to this cherished symbol of love. The draw of sidestone engagement rings lies in their ability to perfectly balance classic elegance with modern sophistication.

One of the primary reasons to choose a sidestone engagement ring is the mesmerizing visual impact it offers. The sparkling sidestones gracefully enhance the center gem, creating a dazzling play of light that exudes glamour and luxury.

This arrangement not only adds to the overall brilliance but also allows for a personalized touch, as you can choose sidestones that hold sentimental meaning or resonate with your partner's style.

Additionally, sidestone engagement rings symbolize the journey a couple embarks upon together. The sidestones, standing beside the central gem, beautifully mirror the idea of partnership, support, and shared growth that defines marriage. This representation of unity and togetherness adds depth and sentiment to the ring's design.

Whether you opt for a traditional three-stone setting or a more intricate design, a sidestone engagement ring offers a timeless and sophisticated choice. Its blend of aesthetics, symbolism, and customization makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a ring that not only captures attention but also captures the essence of their relationship, making it a radiant symbol of everlasting love.

Pros and Cons of Sidestone Engagement Rings

Sidestone engagement rings are a stunning choice that combine aesthetics and symbolism. While they offer enhanced beauty and personalization, individuals should carefully weigh the advantages against potential maintenance, cost, and lifestyle factors to ensure their chosen ring aligns with both their vision and practical considerations.


Sidestone engagement rings show timeless elegance and offer several appealing advantages. First and foremost, the addition of smaller gemstones enhances the overall visual impact of the ring. The sidestones create a dazzling backdrop, amplifying the brilliance of the center stone and making it appear larger and more striking. 

Another advantage lies in the opportunity for personalization. The choice of sidestones, whether diamonds or colored gems, allows for a unique and meaningful touch. Birthstones, favorite colors, or stones with sentimental significance can be seamlessly integrated, infusing the ring with a personal story.

Furthermore, sidestone engagement rings often possess intricate detailing that adds depth and texture to the design. These details can range from delicate pavé settings to intricate milgrain patterns, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship of the ring.


While sidestone engagement rings offer numerous benefits, there are considerations to keep in mind. The additional gemstones may require extra care to maintain their brilliance. Regular cleaning and potential maintenance to ensure the security of the sidestones might be needed. 

Additionally, intricate designs with sidestones might be more prone to snagging on clothing or other objects due to their elevated profiles. This is a factor to bear in mind for those with active lifestyles.

What Is the Best Diamond Shape for a Sidestone Engagement Ring?

3 stone engagement rings

Selecting the ideal shape for sidestone engagement rings hinges on personal style and desired aesthetic. 

  • Round, oval, emerald, and cushion cuts are popular choices, harmonizing beautifully with sidestones. 
  • The brilliant round cut complements the sidestones' sparkle, while the angular princess cut contrasts elegantly. 
  • Cushion cuts, with their romantic allure, pair well with both classic and vintage sidestone designs. 

Ultimately, the best shape depends on one's taste—be it the timeless round, the modern princess, or the soft elegance of the cushion—to create a fascinating synergy that elevates the central gem and sidestones, celebrating the union of love and craftsmanship.

Final Thoughts

In the world of engagement rings, sidestone designs transcend mere jewelry to become emblematic of profound sentiments. The delicate connection between the central gem and its accompanying sidestones signifies unity, companionship, and shared aspirations.

As this exploration of sidestone engagement rings unveils their aesthetic allure and meaningful symbolism, it becomes evident that these rings are not just about adornment, but also about capturing the essence of love.

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