Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings
in San Francisco

July 27, 2023

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings in San Francisco

Have you had the privilege of seeing a lab-grown diamond in person?

Lab-grown diamonds are stunning stones, every bit as real and high-quality as mined diamonds. While some people continue to debate the merit of lab-grown diamonds, science, the GIA, and jewelers around the world know the truth: they possess the same coveted qualities as their natural counterparts. It requires experts, highly specialized instruments, and laboratory testing to tell the difference. To even the most adamant diamond lovers, there’s no visual difference between the two!

Where to Find Lab-Grown Diamonds?

While you can find lab-grown diamonds across the world, Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry was among the first group of retailers to sell lab-grown diamonds in beautiful San Francisco. Yadav always saw the potential and value in lab-grown stones, as they make diamonds accessible to more customers without sacrificing beauty or quality.

And Yadav knows a thing or two about diamonds after 40 years in business as a family-owned and operated store! So if you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring in the San Francisco area, set up an appointment and see all the gorgeous lab-grown options for yourself!

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

If you’re not familiar with the process of making lab-grown diamonds, it’s a fascinating science. There are two different methods of creating lab-grown diamonds. They’re both similar ideas but take different amounts of time and energy.

  • HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) – The HPHT method relies on extreme heat (about 2200 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressure applied to a carbon seed. Pure carbon forms as it cools and attaches to the seed, forming the rough diamond that will eventually be cut, polished, and added to your ring. This process is quite similar to how diamonds form in nature, but it happens in a matter of days (or sometimes weeks) instead of billions of years.
  • CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) – CVD is a similar idea to HPHT, but the temperature and pressure levels are less extreme. Heat (1500 degrees Fahrenheit) and intense pressure are applied to a diamond seed, and hydrogen and methane are added to the chamber. Carbon forms and attaches to the seed, eventually forming the diamond. Since the heat and pressure aren’t as extreme in CVD, it’s slower than HPHT. Instead of days, CVD may take up to twelve weeks. That’s still much faster than billions of years. 

Once a diamond forms in either of these methods, it’s treated just like a natural diamond. The process of cutting and polishing it is the same. Anything you want in a mined diamond, you can do with a lab-grown diamond. Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry is eager to help you choose the perfect stone (or stones) and create your dream ring with lab-grown diamonds!

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Graded Differently?

diamond cut
diamond color
diamond clarity
diamond carat

Lab-grown diamonds use the same grading criteria and scale as mined diamonds. You’re not sacrificing quality, fire, scintillation, or anything else by going with mined diamonds. The same Four Cs still apply.

  • Cut - As mentioned above, lab-grown diamonds are cut with the same techniques as mined diamonds. They’re polished to enhance brilliance and sparkle and graded based on the same metrics.
  • Clarity - Mined diamonds develop inclusions and imperfections during the growth process, and the same is true for lab-grown diamonds. Certain elements may become trapped during the growth process and create inclusions. Neither HPHT nor CVD are completely flawless all the time, which further proves that lab-grown diamonds are just as “real” as mined ones. 
  • Color - Some people believe that lab-grown color diamonds don’t exist, but that’s false. Experts can introduce things like nitrogen or boron into the chamber to alter the stone’s color, so the color comes from the same sources it would in nature. Pink diamonds, which occur due to changes in the diamond’s crystal structure, can also be created in a laboratory. Given that pink diamonds are incredibly rare in nature, that’s good news for anyone interested in owning one. 
  • Carat - Lab-grown diamonds have a bit of an advantage when it comes to carat. Very large diamonds rarely occur in nature, but scientists have more control over the size of lab-grown diamonds. That makes it easier to create larger stones, making high-carat rings more easily available.

Is There Anything You Can’t Do with a Lab-Grown Diamond?

That’s an easy question to answer. No! Anything you can do with a mined diamond, you can do with a lab-grown diamond. Whether you’re envisioning an elegant emerald-cut solitaire ring or a classic brilliant round diamond centered on a delicate pave band, you can do it with lab-grown diamonds! Your imagination is the limit, especially when you’re working with the jewelry experts at Yadav.

What Are the Advantages of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds have several perks. Some come from the added control a laboratory environment gives scientists, while others rely on the higher availability of lab-grown stones.

  • Price - Price is easily the biggest perk of lab-grown diamonds. Because they’re faster to produce, don’t require the labor or environmental cost of mining, they’re significantly less expensive. On average, lab-grown diamonds cost anywhere from 40% to 50% less than mined diamonds. Yes, that means they’re as little as half the price for the same stone. That makes diamonds accessible to more people and allows budgets to stretch further.
  • Sustainability - Mined diamonds require billions of years to form. The actual mining process can be damaging to the surrounding area, too, especially if done on a large scale. Lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable and leave less of a footprint behind. As long as the resources remain available, it’s possible to create more lab-grown diamonds.
  • Quality - While inclusions and imperfections still happen, there’s a greater deal of control over creating lab-grown diamonds. It’s easier to create larger, higher-quality diamonds on purpose, rather than leaving them up to chance in nature. 

Final Thoughts

When you’re choosing your engagement ring, keep Lab-grown diamonds in mind. They provide the same beautiful appearance and quality at a lower price point, making it easier to get your dream ring. The only thing left to do is visit the team at Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry to make it happen!

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