How to Stack Your Oval Engagement Ring?

Dec 08, 2022

Make your oval engagement ring set truly unique with one of these band styles.

Oval shaped diamonds continue to be one of the most popular engagement ring choices, and for many good reasons! It is a versatile shape, extremely flattering on the finger, and typically appears larger than other diamond shapes of the same weight.

The way you pair your oval engagement ring can really elevate and add personality to your wedding stack. Maybe you’re adding another band to your collection or looking to style the rest of your hand. Here is a little inspiration from our ring archives as you explore the endless style options for your engagement and wedding rings.

Shop more of our favorite wedding band styles on our website. Once you get inspired, you can reach out to our team to order one of our designs or create a wedding ring stack that is completely customized!

Here are a few more styles you can purchase today with Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry that look great alone, with an oval engagement ring, or with many other diamond shapes.

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