How to Care For Your Engagement Ring?

Nov 10, 2022
cleaning the jewelry

We’re sharing the best ways to keep your rings and other fine jewelry sparkly and clean! Because diamonds should be forever. :)

You just got engaged and now you are rockin’ this gorgeous diamond. We know what’s going through your head: How do I clean my engagement ring? Can I shower with it? What if the stone falls off?

Don’t panic!

Caring for your engagement ring and other fine jewelry on a regular basis is so important and doesn’t need to be hard! There are a few simple ways to maintain the shine and polish of your diamond and band without having to rely on a professional deep clean every single time.

Here are our best everyday tips for keeping your ring clean and safe:

1. Give your ring a weekly scrub

We recommend cleaning your ring once a week to maintain the shine. The better you keep an at home cadence, the less often you’ll have to get a professional cleaning. Try mixing warm water with a few drops of dish soap and gently brushing your ring with a soft bristle toothbrush. Pat the excess water away with a cloth. Make sure you cover any drains!

2. Remove your ring when working out

Working out with your jewelry can cause some major damage to your pieces. Some metals can hold up better than others in sweat but we recommend protecting your precious metals in any way you can. Most metals will corrode when in contact with the metal from weights or other equipment. Better not risk it!

3. Tuck your jewelry in for bed

What can go wrong in the soft, cozy sheets and pillows on your bed? The truth is that your ring can get caught in your hair and sheets causing the setting to loosen over time. You also risk bending your metal out of shape over time. So trust us, remove your jewelry before bed.

4. Keep jewelry out of submerged water

We’re talking pools, jacuzzis, and the ocean. The salts and chemicals (such as chlorine) can do even more harm to your jewelry than sweat. While showering with your fine jewelry should pose no damage, we highly urge you to tuck that engagement ring into a safe place before diving in. You’ll also avoid the risk of losing it completely!

5. Avoid direct contact with perfumes and lotions

The oils, ethyl alcohol, and color enhancers in perfumes don’t necessarily have a direct reaction with precious metals, but can corrode the metal alloys over time. Too much exposure to these chemicals can cause discoloration of your precious metals or dull the look of the metal. Just remember where you stored your rings while applying lotion.

Final Thoughts

We lean on the side of “better safe than sorry” when it comes to jewelry care. With a good design, engagement rings are pretty resilient, but remember, it is still a delicate piece. Keep up with these tips and be sure to inspect the setting and prongs every now and then.

If you have any other questions about ring design and care, reach out to us! We’re excited to help!

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