Engagement Ring Trends of 2022

Engagement Ring Trends of 2022
Nov 3, 2022

What happened in 2022 definitely won’t be staying in 2022. Expect to see these beautiful engagement ring styles more and more.

We know narrowing down your perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming. Whether you are shopping as a couple or leaving it to your partner, the options are endless and it’s easy to get lost in the details.

If you still don’t know where to start on designing an engagement ring, let us help you get inspired with our favorite trends of the year. We asked our in-house experts what engagement ring trends took over 2022 and here are the top 5:

1. The Simple, Thin Band
The Simple, Thin Band-14k yellow gold diamond engagement ring

Our clients love a brilliant stone with a dainty setting. It’s the perfect way to showcase your diamond or gemstone as a true statement piece. It gives a classic look, while minimizing all those extra design decisions. And we totally get it - the Yadav team sources the best possible natural and lab-grown diamonds that are made to show off. Let that baby take center stage!

2. Mixed Metals
Mixed Metals-two tone diamond engagement ring

Two-toned bands are here to stay! We often see it with a gold or rose gold band with a white gold basket and prongs. Not only does this style let your white diamond really shine with no color interference, but it is also a great option for our clients that love to mix and match precious metals with their jewelry. It’s a subtle detail, but can really add to the look and feel of your ring. Browse our selection here.

3. Surprise details
Surprise details-14k yellow gold hidden halo diamond engagement ring

We have seen more desire for a hidden halo over the last 2 years and fully expect this trend to live on! A hidden halo refers to the pavé diamond band or individually set diamonds that encircles the base of the center stone in a ring. It’s a great compromise for the client that wants the classic simplicity but loves that extra decadence and sparkle from every angle. Consider it a little detail just for you and your partner.

4. Yellow gold settings
Yellow gold settings

This is a shout out to all the gold lovers! Gone are the days of only white gold and platinum options. We can’t get enough of the bold yellow gold. This trend is not going anywhere and we are excited to see where clients take this from bold bezels to vintage inspired looks. And now with the popularity of two toned rings, there are so many fun options.

5. Room for wedding bands
Room for wedding bands

For the many of you who love options, thinking about wedding bands early in the process is the right move. We love an understated engagement ring paired with a statement wedding band. We love it because there are endless options- statement eternity bands that can be worn alone, multiple stacking rings to give a little color and texture. This is a great way to really add some personality to your set! Check out our most popular bands here.

We love to see the unique new trends, but this is just a start! As a family-owned custom jewelry design house, we specialize in creating pieces that represent you at every step. Every ring designed with our team is fully bespoke - from the hand-selected natural or lab grown diamond or gemstone, to the precious metal crafting, to one of a kind designs.

Schedule a consultation with one of our experts today and start imagining the possibilities. We’d love to bring your vision and inspiration to life.

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