Diamond Clarity:
Is it Eye Clean or Flawless?

Jan 28, 2023

How to choose the (pretty much) perfect diamond? The flawless diamond is what people tend to long for when it comes to an engagement ring. What you see in the romcoms and what makes diamonds so rare and desirable is this idea of a perfect diamond.

While we all can dream, the truth is that to most people, having a flawless diamond doesn’t even really matter. Of course, there is value in the flawlessness of a diamond, but you can have the perfect engagement ring when you think more in terms of having an “eye clean” diamond.

With an eye clean diamond ring, you can have it all- a beautiful stone, lasting value, and affordability.

Diamond Clarity: Is it Eye Clean or Flawless

The term “eye clean” refers to a diamond that looks flawless to the naked eye. Any inclusions or imperfections on an eye clean diamond are far too small to see without magnification using special tools. Let’s be honest- you likely won’t be looking at your engagement ring through a jeweler’s loupe and neither will everyone else.

Identifying an eye clean diamond is very much related to the clarity of your diamond when you’re thinking about the 4Cs. Diamonds will have different specifications to be “eye clean” depending on a variety of different characteristics some of which include cut, carat weight and shape. Generally, a diamond with a clarity grade of VS2 or higher will be eye clean, but it is possible for SI1 and SI2 diamonds to be eye clean depending on the type and placement of any inclusions. There are also 2 ways to distinguish an eye clean diamond- one that is eye clean from every angle and one that appears eye clean from a top view, but inclusions are seen from other angles.

The clarity of a diamond has a huge effect on the price of each individual stone. So when shopping for diamonds, it’s a good idea to consider if two diamonds with different clarity grades actually look different to the naked eye. For example, the naked eye cannot tell the difference between a VVS1 and a VS2 diamond, but their prices can differ drastically.

Feeling confident about making your diamond purchase is key to a positive experience. A few things to remember when you want to make sure you secure an eye clean diamond:

  • Work with a jeweler that is transparent about inclusions and has no reservations about showing you different options.
  • Take your time when you view stones with a jeweler and think about how big and noticeable inclusions really are. You will typically be able to see major inclusions - even with no diamond viewing experience
  • Remember that there is value in a cleaner diamond with higher clarity grades. If you know this matters to you, don’t settle.

Aiming for the highest clarity can increase your engagement ring cost very quickly when it doesn’t need to. Eye clean diamond engagement rings essentially look flawless to anyone. As long as you are happy with it, that’s all that matters!

If you still feel uneasy about the process of ring shopping, call the Yadav team or visit our showroom in San Francisco. We can guide you through these steps and create a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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