Choosing a Diamond Shape for Your Engagement Ring

Feb 09, 2023
Choosing a Diamond Shape for Your Engagement Ring

How to pick the perfect diamond shape just for you?

Your engagement ring can be a symbol of your love story, a reflection of you, a trendy accessory, or all of the above! No matter the sentiment behind it, your diamond will stand to be one of your most treasured heirlooms and, hopefully, your favorite piece to wear.

Whether you are designing your own ring or dropping helpful hints to your significant other, you are likely starting your research with the type of diamond shape. We know the world of diamonds and engagement rings can seem overwhelming, and walking into a jewelry store to test drive a few rings can be intimidating.

Thanks to the Yadav team of experts, we can share the highlights of our approach to helping clients choose the right diamond shape for them. While you may already know and have seen all the possible diamond shapes, here are some other things to consider when finding the perfect shape that is worthy of your dream engagement ring.

The first step in choosing the right diamond shapes for you is to ask yourself a few key questions. This will get you ready to work with a jeweler and come in confident and prepared.

1. Is the most important thing the brilliance of the diamond?

A diamond’s brilliance refers to its whiteness, brightness, and overall sparkle. If you care about this aspect over anything else, we always recommend that clients start looking at round, oval, radiant or cushion cut diamonds.

2. Do you think you love an elongated diamond shape?

Consider starting your search by trying on oval, radiant, emerald, and marquise shaped diamonds. Not only do these shapes themselves appear longer, but they also elongate or accentuate the length of your finger.

3. Do you prefer a diamond that is less flashy and more understated and elegant?

emerald and asscher shaped diamonds are called step cut diamonds and are known to have less brilliance, but tons of sophistication. Choose these styles if you’re going for a classic look.

4. Do you love something super unique?

Pear and marquise shaped diamonds are not seen often, but have so much to offer. Marquise diamonds are a shallow shape and will appear large for their carat weight. Pear shaped diamonds can be stacked with wedding bands in a number of ways- from straight to chevron bands.

5. Is your number one factor the size of your diamond?

Round diamonds are the most popular diamond for a good reason. You have a lot of flexibility with a round diamond to select a bigger stone without compromising the look of the diamond. The shape of these diamonds hide warmth and inclusions well so you can go up in carat and go slightly lower in color and clarity.

6. Is the ring setting for your diamond the most important thing for you?

If you like a pave band for your diamond ring, consider a brilliant cut diamond, which is anything excluding asschers and emeralds. If you love a 3 stone ring, here are the most loved main stones for the different accent shapes:

  • Pear accents -> oval, radiant, round, or pear shaped main stones
  • Round accents -> round and oval accents main stones
  • Trapezoid accents -> emerald, radiant, and asscher main stones
  • Half moon accents -> oval and cushion main stones
  • Marquise accents -> oval main stones
  • Baguette accents -> oval, emerald, asscher, round, and pear main stones

If it’s already a lot of information to take in, there is absolutely no shame in taking your time and trying on EVERY. SINGLE. SHAPE. Choosing a diamond should always come down to your personal preferences and what represents you. Happy ring shopping!

If you’re not ready to meet us live, take some time to try our new virtual try on tool and try on some rings from the comfort of your own home.

The Yadav team would love to help you on your journey to choose a diamond that speaks to you. Schedule an appointment to start planning your engagement ring or another diamond project.

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