Diamond Characteristics Guide

May 10, 2023

Your Guide to Diamond Clarity

Are you going to buy diamond? It’s advisable to first read this diamond characteristics guide. You will explore much useful information that helps you to make a rational decision. Actually diamond has four main characteristics such as clarity, cut, carat and color. Each characteristic has an impact on cost and price of diamond thus, it’s important to know what these characteristics are and how they affect the diamond’s price.

Four C’s of Diamond

Many times you heard about 4C’s of diamond as these work as a determinant of a diamond ring price. Now I will shed light on each C just to make sure that you have gotten the adequate details of each feature.

diamond cut
diamond color
diamond clarity
diamond carat

No doubt, Cut is the most important characteristic of the diamond. It determines how the light which enters into the diamond from the above will be reflected back to the eye of observer. A perfect cut diamond reflects light to its optimum. However, when you get a diamond with deep cut, it will not show the extreme brightness; it seems that light leaks from it. As far as shallow cut diamond is concerned, it will also leak the light and it would never be as brilliant and bright as an ideal cut it.

According to a young Belgian mathematician, Marcel Tolkowski, ideal cut is one when diamond cutter will go for perfect size to weight ration that is 6.5 mm diameter for one carat weight. If you need more information, it’s good to check size to weight ratio chart available on the web.

How Are Diamond Clarities Graded?

You should try to understand the cut as same quality grades of diamonds with two different cut will surely have a difference in cost.It’s better to evaluate the cut of a diamond effectively before making a purchase. It is advisable to get a lower grade of color and clarity but never compromise on the cut since overall beauty of diamond is dependent on it.

I’m sure that this guide will make it simple for you to purchase diamond as an informed consumer. Sometimes you have some questions while buying a diamond, no need to hesitate, go and ask from the jeweler.


Most commonly people love to buy a diamond that fall into grade range of D to F as this range has colorless diamonds; the value of these diamonds are higher than other. Price of colorless diamond is high as they are rare. You can also pick from other grades of color if you want. Some people think that they should always buy a diamond from D-F grade range since other grades are not pretty; it’s not the right approach. Diamonds belongs to grade range lower than F also sparkle and shine but with stronger color tone.

A person can choose any color depending on his taste but if he needs colorless or white diamond then it’s simply mean he will have to spend more. A factor which is related with color is named as Fluorescence which is caused by boron trace amount inside the diamond. Fluorescence is activated by ultraviolet light. When you check the GIA certificate that accompanies with a diamond, you are able to find a special category of this factor.

In this heading or category, gemologists describe it as faint, medium,medium blue, strong, blue, strong and intense blue. Sometimes, they mention white and yellow as well. It’s advisable to get a diamond which comes with blue range of fluorescence and try to skip diamond with white and yellow. An interesting thing to know at this point is the effect caused by fluorescence. It is believed that a diamond with intense fluorescence has positive effect.

What to See?

You can pick the diamond of any color but there is no need to buy one piece that comes with white or yellowish fluorescence. Don’t forget to test the fluorescence of diamond under all light condition for example, jeweler black light, direct sunlight, etc.


Diamonds are formed within the earth , under heat and pressure therefore, every diamond born with birthmarks which are named as inclusions or blemishes. When there are small impurities inside the diamonds then these are called inclusions while impurities found on the surface named as blemishes.

Clarity defines the extent or degree of imperfections that are present in a diamond. There is 11 point diamond clarity scale that is creating by Gemologist Institute of America or GIA. This scale starts from flawless point and ends at prominent inclusions. Flawless means a diamond with no inclusion. This diamond is extremely rare.

What You need to Know?

Generally, when you go for buying the diamond, jeweler asks what grade of clarity you are looking for, it is advisable to pick a diamond from a VS1 or VS2 as these grades possess the diamonds with very slight inclusions. You may ask why not to buy a diamond with inclusions. Answer is very simple. Quality of diamond is depended on clarity. A diamond which has a lot of inclusions will not very bright as impurities inside it do not allow the light to pass in the best manner.


Carat is weight of diamond. One carat is 1/5 of a gram. The weight or carat of diamond is an important factor that defines its cost. One carat is divided into 100 equal points. Generally, people love to buy one carat (100 points) diamond as it is regarded the best. If you buy a diamond with a weight of 0.99 carats then you will find a decrease in diamond value as point different matters a lot.

At this point, I would like to tell you that the size and weight of diamonds are two different characteristics. Normally, 6.5 millimeter diameter is considered an ideal size for one carat weight of diamond. When a diamond has size lower than 6.5 mm diameter but has the same one carat weight, its worth will be less.

What you need to Understand?

Now make it easy to understand, one carat diamond is expensive as it’s higher in demand. You can save money by getting a diamond with a weight lower than one carat.

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