How to select wedding matching bands?

You're the Perfect Match - Your Wedding Bands Can Be Too. To match or not to match, there is no standard for couples matching their rings; it is truly up to you. While matching wedding bands is a symbol of you and your new spouse becoming one unit, not matching your bands lets you express your individuality and avoid one of you feeling pressured to choose a band he or she doesn't absolutely love. Either way, it is important for the couple to be aligned on this decision prior to choosing a band.

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Choosing a wedding band

You’ve found the love of your life – now it’s time to find your second-most important match: the wedding bands. Your engagement ring represents all the history of your relationship, and the way it’s paired with your wedding band can symbolize how beautifully your past fits with your future.

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Anniversary gifts by year

Anniversaries are a special time, shared between you and your partner, where you can reflect on your ever growing bond together. Traditionally, exchanging gifts is one way of expressing love and appreciation towards one another. We have created a list of gifts that you can give your partner, on your anniversary, throughout the years.

1 Year
Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Diamond solitaire pendants are elegant and versatile 1st year anniversary gifts. With no limitation on the shape of the diamond that can be set in the pendant, you can choose a center diamond that matches her engagement ring, or even her second favorite shape

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2 Year
Diamond Earring Studs

Celebrate a perfect second-year anniversary with a perfect pair of diamond earrings studs. The classic studs are set with round brilliant diamonds, known for their fiery brilliance. Since they are worn on the ears, relatively far from any other jewelry she may be wearing, diamond studs will always stand out.

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3 Year
Diamond Eternity Ring

Diamond eternity rings have increasingly grown in popularity over the years. Seamlessly set diamonds around the ring represent the seamless love shared between you and your partner. Usually referenced by ‘total carat weight’, eternity bands can vary in size giving the option to wear them as a perfect...

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5 Year
Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond tennis bracelets are at the intersection of chic and elegance when it comes to diamond jewelry. With a set of around 50 diamonds, these bracelets will undoubtedly add sparkle and brilliance to both casual and formal occasions. Tennis bracelets can be worn alone or stacked with other jewelry such as bracelets, watches and of course her beautiful diamond engagement ring. Yadav Jewelry offers a wide range of diamond tennis bracelets in varying shapes and sizes, perfect for any occasion or even everyday wear.

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10 Year
Diamond Upgrade

The diamond set in your partner's engagement ring represents a journey you embarked on together. After 10 years, you have grown together and shared life experiences in a way that is unique to you and your partner. As you keep moving forward on this journey, her diamond can grow with you. Upgrading her diamond is the perfect way to mark and celebrate 10 years of marriage. With our diamond upgrade plan it’s easy to do exactly that. We will give you full credit back on your center diamond and help you find the perfect diamond to represent the next chapters of your journey together.

Diamond Upgrade

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