Conflict-Free Diamonds Since 1983

Since 1983, Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry has been providing conflict-free diamonds. Our unwavering dedication to ethical practices and responsible sourcing makes us a reliable choice for individuals who value both beauty and conscience.

For nearly four decades, Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry has been at the forefront of ensuring that every diamond we offer is conflict-free. We take immense pride in sourcing diamonds that have never been involved in funding rebel movements or contributing to any form of conflict. This enduring dedication to ethical sourcing forms the foundation of our business.


Protecting people and the planet

Beyond our sourcing practices, we are equally passionate about protecting human rights, minimizing environmental impact, and maintaining safe labor practices. We stand against human rights abuses and maintain responsible labor practices across our supply chain, fostering an environment of respect and dignity for all.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is steadfast. We actively work to minimize any adverse impact on the environment and ensure that the diamonds we offer are sourced through methods that prioritize sustainability. By adhering to the principles of the Kimberley Process, we continue to partner exclusively with vendors and suppliers who share our commitment to conflict-free diamonds.

At Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry, we are not just offering jewelry; we are offering a legacy of responsible practices that spans over 38 years. When you choose us, you are not only choosing diamonds that sparkle with unparalleled beauty but also diamonds that shine with integrity, compassion, and a promise of a better world.

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