Once you have decided to tie the knot, choosing an engagement ring tends to take center stage to everything else. However, deciding on the best wedding ring for you and your future spouse can be a big challenge when attempting to work out all the details of your special wedding day.

A couple’s wedding is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life together. Many couples have already imagined what suit or dress they will wear, what will occur at the wedding ceremony, and all other aspects of the wedding, but may not have planned out the best wedding rings to show their commitment to each other.

Wedding rings have powerful meaning, since they are both pieces of art and items which materialize all the feelings of love and happiness shared by a couple. The best wedding rings are the ones that represent your love and commitment to each other and can bring back special moments and memories even decades later.

With expectations in mind and a ceremony to set up, it is not easy to pick out the best wedding rings for your big day – and it ought to be perfect. Many couples find themselves overwhelmed with choices and unsure of how to proceed with finding the best wedding rings for their wedding and lifelong commitment to each other.

The common dilemma of finding the best wedding rings is why we prepared a step-by-step guide to help you with such an important decision.

Start the Search in Time

Begin your search for the best wedding rings as soon as possible. The recommended time frame for selecting your wedding rings is four or five months before the celebration, especially if you want a personalized design or custom ring setting.

Furthermore, buying your weddings rings ahead of the wedding ceremony and celebrations will provide the store you purchase from with a flexible deadline in case any additional modifications are needed. Most importantly, choose stores that have return and exchange policies.

The best wedding rings are rings that are to your taste, fit well, and are exactly as you imagined them. A strong return and exchange policy ensures that you have options if anything goes wrong and will take a lot of pressure off you and your spouse when ring shopping.

On the other hand, if you decide to purchase and wear traditional or non-customized rings, you can start your search for the best wedding rings around two months before your wedding.

Looking for References is Essential

When it comes to finding the best wedding rings for you and your spouse, the most important things are inspiration, inspiration, and inspiration! Start looking for references online and create a virtual folder with photos of the best wedding rings you can find. Talk to a jewelry specialist, certified gemologist, or wedding ring expert to get all your questions answered.

Whether you are looking for the perfect ring to fit your vision or just browsing ring styles to find one that sparks your interest, finding references to guide your shopping experience can be very helpful when speaking to an expert.

Get references from friends, family members, online resources (like Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry), and more to help you find the best wedding rings for you and your spouse. Many diamond jewelry retailers and wedding ring shops have photos of preset rings, including the different ring styles and diamond cuts that are popular in modern wedding rings.

The Best Wedding Rings Should be Lifelong

The best weddings rings are rings that represent your personal style, your history as a couple, and what the future will hold for you both. It may sound like a lot to ask for a piece of jewelry, but the purpose of a ring is to illustrate the commitment to each other, united in a small piece of jewelry whose shape has neither beginning nor end.

You and your spouse will be wearing these bands for a long, long time! So, the best wedding rings should be timeless and something that you will be in love with forever. Ensure that the rings that you buy today are rings that you will still love and admire decades from now.

The best wedding rings are those that will hold up will to wear and tear and still look as good as the day you bought them. While it might seem like a great idea to get a beautiful soft stone or to get the latest trend in rings, this is an item that will be worn daily and it should capture your essence and serve you well.

To find the best wedding rings that meet all your needs, talk to an expert and come prepared with a list of must haves for your rings, such as durability, ring style, stone type, and more.

Comfort and Fit are Very Important

Another big tip to find the best wedding rings for you and your spouse is to prioritize comfort and fit. Weather, extreme temperatures, and even exercise can temporarily change your finger size and cause swelling, therefore try to ensure that your ring will fit comfortably in typical weather conditions for your area with a bit of room for changes in size.

A well-fitting ring doesn't feel like it's going to fall off, nor does it pinch the skin on either side. Also, you should be able to comfortably rotate the ring while it is on your finger, and it should fit straight, not tilted to one side or the other.

However, be careful not to get a ring that is too small or too loose and prone to slipping off and getting lost. If a piece of jewelry doesn’t fit you, it won’t look flattering, no matter how pretty it looks in the box. Many jewelry retailers can easily adjust the ring size to ensure a perfect, custom fit.

Always Consider Your Lifestyle

The best wedding rings should fit the lifestyle you are accustomed to. Find the rings that suit your daily lives. For example, neutral rings are better if your daily activities require a lot of movement and shifting, while inlaid rings might be more elegant and suitable for social events.

Think of wedding rings as a daily accessory that will match your routine and your outfits. Another factor to consider is what kind of jewelry and accessories you typically wear and whether they will match your new wedding ring.

If you work with your hands a lot, you may want to consider a ring that is more durable and can stand up to constant wear and tear. Some people prefer to remove their rings while working to ensure the ring does not get damaged, while others wear their rings on a necklace to keep them close but out of harm’s way. There are many options when it comes to choosing the best wedding rings for your lifestyle and situation.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Ring Models?

With so many different styles available, it’s difficult to define just what “the perfect ring” means. To find the best wedding rings for you and your spouse, opt for a timeless design that meets all your needs, starting with the ring type you prefer. For example: 


Plain wedding ring designs are the most traditional and are very commonly chosen styles for men's wedding rings. Without any details, they are the most timeless ring style available. Classic wedding bands are a fantastic option for those that want a traditional ring that goes with anything.

Classic rings are also a great option for those that want to wear both a wedding ring and an engagement ring and ensure that the two have distinct styles that complement each other.

Rings with Diamonds:

Gemstones and diamonds can be added to the design of a ring to add sparkle, style, and flair. Most women's wedding rings have some kind of gemstone, with diamonds being the most popular. It is also very common to match a wedding ring to a woman’s engagement ring, though not necessary.

There are many distinct types of rings with diamonds to choose from at Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry. From the classic and diamond rings, to eternity, stackable, pave, bezel, channel, and special rings.

Ring Materials:

The right metal for your ring is just as important as the diamond or gemstone it will hold. The best choice will depend on your personal style, but the most popular ring metals are a guarantee of durability and elegance.

Gold, silver, and platinum are typically chosen for their luster and durability, however there are many options available. For instance, if you are of those couples who are non-traditional, wedding rings with a mixture of different metals can enhance that sense of uniqueness and sophistication.

These are the most popular ring materials that we offer at Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry:

  • White Gold in 14K & 18K
  • Rose Gold in 14K & 18K
  • Yellow Gold in 14K & 18K
  • Platinum
Diamonds: Be Socially & Environmentally Responsible!

Does your perfect ring have diamonds? Check their origins! In recent years, the ethical issues surrounding diamonds have been a hot topic. After all, it doesn't make sense that something so precious and sacred has a dubious origin linked to labor exploitation.

Always make sure you are buying an ethical and conflict-free diamond. Here at Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry, we take pride in providing only ethical and conflict-free natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds graded and certified by IGI.

In the end, the most important thing to remember is that the best wedding rings are those that fit your values and will make a positive impact on your life. When you purchase our conflict-free diamonds, you can be certain that you are engaging in ethical diamond trade and can feel good about your ring.

Find Wedding Rings with a Reputation for Excellence

Wedding rings are stunning jewelry pieces that symbolize the love and union of two people. Therefore, make sure that you are purchasing from an established, trusted wedding ring dealer that offers only quality diamonds and exceptional customer service.

Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry is proud to serve our customers with only the best quality wedding rings. Our well-known reputation for high-quality rings and superior customer service is only one of the reasons why we hold the San Francisco, CA Legacy Business Award, certifying that we have the best wedding rings in the area.

Now that you are almost an expert at buying the best wedding rings, if you are not sure where to start, search for the best options for your wedding rings on our website. You will find a wide range of pre-set models and endless customization possibilities. Our specialists are ready to guide you in the wedding ring shopping process.

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