Do Millennials Buy Diamonds?

  1. The short answer is: Yes.
  2. Creating your own ring is appealing to Millennials.
  3. Millennials buy unique diamond engagement rings.
  4. Millennials buy diamonds for nontraditional occasions.

The Short Answer is: Yes

At Yadav, our main customers are millennials aged 25-34. 59.9% of the total visitors to our site are millennials. Even more striking, 82.1% of purchases are made by millennials.

For that reason, we don’t listen to global economists, Boomer commentators, or the latest Hollywood fashion trends. Folks with these concerns say millennials are not buying diamonds. But all this hype goes against what we know: our millennial customers are buying diamonds. They just buy them in their own unique ways for lots of different occasions.

Creating Your Own Ring is Appealing to Millennials

Fresh interpretations of tradition shape how millennials chose their diamond rings. For this reason, millennials enjoy creating their own ring. Designing a ring involves several choices. For example, the shape of the center stone expresses unique style.

The emerald shape is refined and classic. The cushion shape is playful and flashy, giving off a lot of sparkle. The marquis shape is rebellious and understated. Creating your own ring allows you to choose the setting, the precious metals, characteristics of the diamond, and whether the diamond is lab-created or natural. These decisions empower millennials to create a unique ring with its own meaning and significance.

Millennials Buy Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

The tradition of buying a diamond engagement ring still holds a lot of meaning for millennials. Some millennials want to honor the symbol used by their grandparents and parents. Some millennials enjoy the aesthetics of previous fashion eras or contemporary trends. And some millennials embrace the traditional value of loyalty symbolized by a diamond. For a variety of reasons, millennials chose diamond rings to get engaged.

Millennials Buy Diamonds for Nontraditional Occasions

Diamonds are not just for formal occasions anymore. They can bring meaning to any holiday or special occasion in surprising and delightful ways. Millennials value telling their own life stories, including which experiences warrant celebration. They know the time and place, whether it’s a special anniversary, a major life achievement, or the desire to share a holiday in a more meaningful way. Diamond pendants, bracelets, or earrings can mark the beginning of an important new year, communicate love on the anniversary of a first-date, or symbolize the strength required of a major challenge. Millennials each have their own stories to tell with the special meaning of a diamond.