Jewelry Repair





No matter how well you take care of your jewelry, it will eventually need professional service to maintain its shine, extend its life, and keep it looking as gorgeous as the day you bought it. We have a staff of experts who can maintain and repair your jewelry, putting the sparkle back in your day. Didn’t purchase from us? No problem! Our jewelry repair experts are available to you, no matter where you bought it. We handle ring resizing, resetting stones, replating rings, repairing posts, fixing prongs on rings or pendants, recasting a piece, custom jewelry designs, and professional cleaning and polishing.
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  • Resizing rings

  • Replating rings, necklaces,bracelets, earrings, or any other jewelry

  • Repairing broken necklaces and chains

  • Repair broken posts on earrings

  • Resetting stones

  • Fixing broken prongs on any ring or pendant

  • Recasting a piece into one that is totally new

  • Custom jewelry designs

  • Professional cleaning and polishing



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Darnell R.

My father and I searched for an honest jeweler to buy an engagement ring for the love of my life. A friend recommended the building where Yadav is located and we found Yadav!! Jim was as honest as they come when talking to my father. My Fiancé was ecstatic about her ring and the service since then... Read More

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Maria O.

Save yourself the time and make an appointment with Yadav for all of your diamond needs because you will not regret it. I'm the worst jewelry store client because I know about diamonds and I'm very detailed about what exactly I want. So much so that I decided to custom make my ring... Read More

Carly 493f212f73bdacd07f33d775a97787cb6dca48ed9fb1ffb044492304517975d2

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Carly M.

We had a wonderful experience working with Jim to pick out our engagement ring! My fiancé and I opted to pick out the diamond together as I wanted an oval stone with very particular specifications. Jim was patient as we came back 4 weekends in a row to keep looking at diamonds. He was able to... Read More